Why I Won’t Let Anxiety Keep Me from Blogging.

Starting a blog can be a daunting and scary prospect for a lot of people, they might have concerns about if their blog is going to be successful, if their content is good enough, or if they’re running it the ‘right way’. However, there was another concern that made me a little scared to reach out and craft a name in the blogging world, that concern being my mental health.

Think of the impact your words can have on people.
As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, the idea of hundreds of people reading about my struggles and experiences was scary, however there was a quiet little voice in the back of my head that considered that maybe, just maybe, it could help someone. Now that’s not to be vain, and say that my voice is so important that I’ll be able to help hundreds of people. I just mean that maybe someone can resonate with some of my struggles, find solace in the fact they’re not alone and perhaps give them the push to seek help, either for themselves or others.

Blogging helped me cope with my struggles.
I sat with my word document open, hundreds of ideas on where to start, how to bare my soul in just the right way. It was overwhelming and I could feel myself getting agitated, my anxiety spiking up as I wrote my headline. I fought back the voices in my head telling me that I’d just be embarrassing myself, that it wouldn’t be good enough. It was hard, but the more I opened up in my work the more easily the words came to me. I didn’t feel myself tremble as I typed about some of my struggles, instead I felt a weird sense of relief. Like I had got it off my chest, like I had taken part in a confessional.

Fight the fear and open up to the world.
I think blogging about any topic that matters to us can be a little scary at first, if it’s something that you’re so passionate about then the idea that other people will be disinterested, or mock you for it can be a horrible thought. It can be off-putting for a lot of people. I think in a way maybe that’s why it’s so essential that more people get into writing and blogging. Tell people about your interests, tell people about your struggles and achievements. The more we talk about these things the more it helps not only other people, but us.

The good feedback makes all the struggles worth it.
I remember my first feedback comment, someone telling me that they agreed with my article, and even though it was a friend it was still such a lovely feeling. To know that people could relate to my struggles was upsetting, but in a way it was nice that people understood where I was coming from. Then I got a comment from someone who I didn’t know, telling me how much they liked my article, and I burst into a fit of embarrassed giggles like a school girl who had been noticed by her crush. It was a wonderful experience.

Pursue your passion, don’t hold yourself back.
I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t let the fear of being ridiculed keep you from pursuing your passions, don’t let the idea that people won’t be interested hold you back. I didn’t think people would be interested in my opinions on mental health issues, but they were. Even if they weren’t, at least I had given it a go. That’s the main thing, if you’re considering blogging but needing that sign, or extra push then take this as the sign to go for it. Let your voice be heard. Ignore those voices in your head telling you that your work isn’t interesting or good enough, because it is.

Written by Emma Campbell, a nineteen year old girl from Scotland, I work as a Creative and Digital Media Modern Apprentice, and I also run a blog over at http://www.unwillingadult.wordpress.com.

How to Enjoy up to 10 Times Faster Internet-Speed on Your Phone?

There is no denying the fact that Wi-Fi provides much higher network bandwidth than the cellular data supported by the smartphones and hence much faster sharing of data and files along with quicker installing of app downloads and internet browsing. The best part about using Wi-Fi connection is its cost-saving attribute as you won’t get anything added toward your monthly data plan for using it.

The video titled “Why Choose O2 Wi-Fi” uploaded by O2 Contact Number delineates the benefits of using O2 Wi-Fi connection and how it can help you save some good amount of money all-the-while using the best internet connectivity on your smartphone. You can easily connect to over 7000 hotspot of O2 Wi-Fi automatically, without even registering for the service.

For manual connection, visit one of O2’s hotspots and look for O2 Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi settings of your phone and you can experience the super-high internet speed. It’s almost 10 times faster than an average mobile data connection. Please feel free to call on O2 Contact Number to know more about its features and how to access super-high internet speed on your phone.

Some Uncommon Instagram Tricks for SEO

Instagram has established itself as one of the fastest-growing and largest social networks over the years and has proven to be undeniable as a marketing platform, even for companies who aren’t particularly photo-driven or oriented towards visual content. So while having an Instagram profile will be a bit of a challenge for the creative marketing team, the dividends it earns are definitely going to be great for your initiative. Once you’ve got a basic plan, it is time to go into overdrive and really get the best out of Instagram with some hacks and tricks which even power users end up ignoring sometimes.

Research Keywords for Hashtags

Keywords are a classic SEO technique, and the best thing is that they are very valid on social networks like Instagram. Since the app has a search function, and the most popular search terms are hashtags, it makes a lot of sense to implement keywords as hashtags. Any keyword generating huge amounts of traffic is one you should include to attract your target audience as long as it is relevant. One point of dissimilarity between this and SEO is that there is no system stopping you from adding as many as you want, and also there is no need to blend them naturally into your content- just bundle them into the end of your post. Check out the top 100 tags using apps like Websta and also filter using location to understand the most potent options.

Incentivize with Contests

Contests have been around on social networks for ages, but it is important that you offer attractive prizes as incentives for more and more people to participate. Even simple giveaways attract thousands of new followers and mentions, each of which is great for your publicity. Contests are really easy to organize. From asking users to comment as fast as they can, or share pictures of their experiences with your campaign hashtag, it takes minutes to set up the contest, and it is pretty easy to track activity through the hashtag as well. Remember to spice things up for the users! Get in touch with Instamacro to learn more about Instagram, its features and solutions.

Do Some Charity Work

Most people prefer to support those organizations that are working for the community and contributing to it in whatever ways possible. If your business is not directly involved with any charity or community work, you could indirectly be of some help. You may consider giving away some percentage of your profits to any reliable charity organization or a non-profit associated with your line of trade. You could consider raising funds for any noble cause and may even consider sending workers on community service projects and trips.

This would work out great for your company and your website, but it is particularly helpful on Instagram as pictures could really be very powerful tools. It is a fact that partnership of any kind would be successful if done properly. You could consider a partnership with any complimentary firm and you could take their permission to share their posts or request them to consider sharing your posts. This is a wonderful option and would work out fine so long as you are not competitors and have the same target audience.

>Use Instagram’s Business Tools Meant for Advertising

For numerous businesses, Instagram is nothing but a social media platform focusing on connecting and bonding with the target audience via relevant pictures, stories, using the right filters and presenting the right visuals or photos to the right audience and then resorting to paid advertising. You need to do all these things first then you must make the most of the features that were specially developed for businesses. These special features let you see the metrics on how exactly some posts are doing.


Ultimately, SEO is all about knowing and understanding your target audience properly and finding out why Instagram is working so effectively today. If you are following all the dictates of Instagram then you would have no issues relating to SEO and you could easily consider enhancing your following.

How to Measure ROI of SEO Made Simple

As every small business owner knows so well, money can be an extremely scarce resource. When you establish a business venture of your own, you need to keep a strict vigil on where every dollar is going and think a hundred times before committing any investment to something that may not provide a reasonable return.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to calculate the return of SEO campaigns in dollar terms. While you can take a look at the rankings of keywords and the increase in organic traffic, there is a multitude of other elements that can be exceedingly difficult to factor in. However, the level of difficulty should not be a barrier in your identifying some of the ROIs that can be used to measure the efficacy of your SEO. With every increase in your knowledge regarding the factors that are likely to increase revenues, you will find it easier to allocate budgets for your SEO campaigns. Some handy tips:

Increase in Search Ranking

The increases that can be seen in search engine rankings are undoubtedly among the most effective ways of establishing the efficacy of the efforts put into SEO. You can expect, over time, a better page ranking if you have managed to insert the most relevant keywords in your web content. Do not expect to see instantaneous results of any tweaking that you may be doing. Most of the SERPs change on a daily basis due to the situation being extremely dynamic and with Google algorithm updates kicking in periodically. Experts compare SEO results to stock market returns; it is always better to stay focused on long-term goals rather than on immediate but temporary gains.

Organic Traffic Increase

By improving the quality and relevance of the content as well as inserting the most appropriate keywords, you will in all probability see your SERP placements improve. With this improvement, more visitors should be clicking on your online internet marketing site. The extent of this increase, as well as an assortment of analytics such as their gender, age, interests, and location, can be analyzed. The most common way of tracking these parameters is to use Google Analytics but there is a whole host of other tools that can also be used.

Site Authority Increase

Site authority is a predictor of how well the site will be ranked by search engines. More than using it as a parameter to compare your website’s performance against the competition, it is better to employ the score to find out how your authority is increasing over time. When you are starting out, it is better to conduct SEO for one keyword so that it is easier for you to not only know how your performance has been affected but also to understand more about your other keywords. With the rise in rankings of keywords, placement on search engine results page will improve helping to attract traffic organically.

ROIs That Can’t Be Measured

Even though certain SEO factors cannot be measured to any degree of accuracy, they still need to be considered as they can affect your SEO. Even just a few years back, the main intention of doing SEO was to attract visitors to the site, even if the site was not relevant to their requirements. Marketers soon learned that visits of this kind merely added to the traffic without having any impact on sales. Once this sunk in, SEO began to change and took on the task of making web content, useful, relevant, and engaging to a target audience to increase the chances of conversions and sales. Contemporary SEO places a premium on making sites engaging and useful, but it can be very difficult to establish, which of the many elements that can be involved, are actually working.

Among the most impactful but perhaps the most immeasurable ROI are the changes that you implement in your website in myriad ways; cleaning up the layout, better content, updated keywords, improved navigation, better page loading, etc.; all could be working individually and together to attract and engage visitors. As you get more insights into the behavior of users and customers, you will be able to put in place more refinements that can help you to talk better to niche audiences and convert them better into sales. For enduring results, you need to be both consistent and persistent in your SEO.

Author bio: Tim Atkins is a digital marketing professional who focuses the personal care industry. He has implemented a number of customized marketing strategies aimed at improving SEO for dentists, a sector more competitive than normally imagined.

How to Create Video Content for a Blog with Movavi Video Editor

As every blogger and marketer knows – people respond well to videos. The right video can help you to reach out to a wider audience, provide your visitors with value, and even act as a vehicle to promote your blog itself. However before you can reap those rewards, you first need to be able to create video content for your blog.

That is where Movavi Video Editor comes in. It is an easy to use software that will make it so intuitive to edit video that you will be able to get started almost immediately. All that you need to do is first record the raw footage that you need using your smartphone, digital camera, or some other device.

Once you have the raw footage, you can then apply the features in Movavi Video Converter to tweak it by:

  • Removing any unwanted parts of the video footage that was recorded.
  • Merging various video clips together in a particular sequence to create a ‘final cut’ of your video.
  • Correcting any common issues such as blurry, interlaced, pixelated or shaky video segments.
  • Enhancing the overall quality either manually or by using the automatic ‘Magic Enhance’ feature.
  • Apply various animated transitions, special effects and other elements to give your video a unique style and appearance.
  • Add audio tracks to include background music ad voiceovers.
  • Insert text and tweak its style and appearance to create unique captions, watermarks or titles.

As you can see you’re going to be spoilt for choice in terms of how you want to improve your videos using Movavi Video Editor. To add to its appeal, it will even let you create your own video slideshows out of photos, and can be used to digitize VHS tapes and video from other analog devices too.

Assuming you want to get started and create video content for your blog right now – just start by planning the video out. After that you can record the footage that you need and shape it to match your plan using Movavi Video Editor.

Frankly it shouldn’t take you long to have your first video done and ready to be uploaded onto your blog. The more you keep creating video content, the more you’ll be able to apply the features in Movavi Video Editor creatively so that you can really create videos that keep your audience enthralled from start to finish.

7 Tips for Finding Local Link Building Opportunities

Due to diversification of searches patterns, the local business arenas have never been more important, with main prizes being the enhanced brand visibility and traffic. Local link building, however, demands a different approach than the traditional campaigns.  Also, since the introduction of the Penguin update, some inexpensive link-building tactics have been rendered ineffective. Hence, the sound link building requires the investment of time, effort and funds.

Relevancy Matters

Links are among SEO factors that have the strongest impact on the rankings. As long as it is a relevant, local site, the link building can target low-authority and nofollow prospects. People do click on quality links on the local websites, provided that they are encompassed by nice content. Also, harness the potential of the skyscraper technique in identifying the top performing content in your niche.


It is a good idea to offer discounts to alumni from local universities and dedicate a page to explaining this proposal. This could help you reach out local alumni groups and find a place on their websites. Note that local outreach and follow up is crucial when working with various types of discounts. The .edu links usually grow strong, and are particularly useful if they share events and news from the alumni.

Forging Relationships

Businesses that operate long enough naturally become an integral part of the local community. Therefore, relations with other enterprises should be exploited for links: Talk about other organizations and let them create buzz around your offerings. If you have come in contact with prominent local figures or niche influencers, do an interview, and publish related content.   

The Meetups

Use sites like Meetups.com to find active groups in your area, especially the ones that are related to your business. Stay open to those who are looking for a place to hold a meeting or to secure a sponsor, and do not hesitate to branch out to other organizations as well. In any case, tactics like making your premises available for a local event can earn you some good links and new contacts.

Local Resource Pages

These resources are not used for trading links, as some people assume, but sharing information with interested outsiders. Write an insightful article about a hot topic, and provide readers with some free advice. Coming up with a stream of content which encompasses local themes should incline other sites to link to you. Try to put tools such as Google News alerts to good use, as they enable you to stay on top of brand mentions.

Tools of the Trade

Link prospecting is a lengthy procedure, but it rolls on much faster and easier with tools that automate the process and employ anti-spam filters. They allow you to search for solid opportunities based on your preferences, targeted keywords, niche or industry. Narrowing down the choice and singling out worthy prospects saves a ton of time, and another cool feature is to locate a specific type of content.

Directories and Blogs

Industry-specific local directories are beneficial in terms of citations and reinforced signals they send to Google. But, they should be utilized for building links as well: With a simple Google search, it is possible to get listed nice and easy. Next, make an effort to discover local blogs for networking opportunities and contribute to them. Finally, get them to cover an aspect of your business, and include a link in the process.  

A Competitive Edge

The local market is a potential gold mine for businesses. To acquire the local link juice, a business must stay in tune with local going-on and prospects. Garner links with local notability, leverage partnerships, and craft premium content. Make your business look great in the public’s eye and comply with the SEO best practices. Do not let the competition gain edge in SERPs by missing a chance to jump on a link-building bandwagon.

Useful Techniques to Make Sure That Marketing Emails Will Not Reach Spam Folder

The ways individuals and businesses communicate with each other and among themselves have changed dramatically in the last few decades. Paper communication is now severely restricted unless the subject is extremely formal or has legal implications. Email has taken the world by storm, and despite being one of the first methods of digital communication, it has stayed popular even in the face of a rapidly-changing environment where a number of different methods have come into play for transmitting text, voice and video messages.

The single-biggest problem with email, especially with marketing emails, is that they tend to be often flagged as spam by subscribers and are directly deposited into the spam folder without the recipient ever having a chance to view it. According to Mashable, over 70% of the email sent all over the world are treated as spam, bulk or junk, and this figure amounts to an astounding 100 billion on a daily basis. It is quite evident that you need to craft your emails in such a way that ensures they land up in the recipient’s inbox instead of the spam folder. Some practical tips on how you can do this:

Get To Know Your Target Audience

Even though as an email marketer your aim is to reach the largest possible audience, you can pass a death sentence on your email campaign by making your emails too general. If your emails need to reach a very broad audience then it is very likely that it will be extremely general in nature and lack the personalization. The best way of working around this is to segment your email list so that while you can cover all the subscribers, the emails that they receive can be customized employing different parameters.

To be able to segment your lists you will need to gather specific data that should include demographics and understanding of the cultural background of the recipients. You also need to stay abreast of the trends and demands of your potential customers so that you can tailor the contents of your emails to better address the evolving requirements. Make it a point to consult your sales personnel who are directly interacting with customers so that it is possible for you to identify their likes, aversions, and needs. It is all very nice to have an email that is visually appealing, however, all your efforts to leverage the power of bulk email marketing services in Mumbai will come to naught if the emails are being treated as junk mail or even end up with subscribers unsubscribing because they find the contents too general and unable to address their actual requirements.

Collect Relevant Data

When you start off gathering information about your subscribers, it seems to be a very good idea to collect as much as you can. While there is a huge amount of information you can go ahead and collect, you should know that this will soon result in the data overwhelming you. To prevent this, you should determine what sort of data is useful for your marketing campaign. When you are clear about what data to collect you can also avoid irritating the subscribers by not asking for information that serves no use for you.

Create Personas That Are Identifiable

Your research should be able to throw up the main reasons why customers buy your products and services. Once you have managed to pinpoint them, you should go about creating personas that will be able to talk with the identified audiences based on the information that characterizes them. The greater the number of personas you are able to create, the easier it is to customize messages that are compelling and successful.

Keep Tweaking

Unfortunately, optimization of emails is not an exercise that you can afford to do just once and forget. For your segmentation to be more and more refined, you need to perform analysis on a continuous basis. You should realize that the marketing environment is dynamic and consumer preferences keep on changing all the time. Consequently, your email marketing must also necessarily adapt with the shifts.


While email list segmentation remains one of the most important factors to be considered while addressing your subscribers, you also need to focus on making the content interesting, useful, and relevant. Do not undermine aesthetics and the importance of a document looking presentable. With continuous efforts to evolve and personalize, you should be able to see your email open rates improve, and with it, a better conversion rate too.

Why Becoming a Publisher on Facebook is a Good Idea Now

Facebook is the most popular and most widely used social platform in the world. Its user-base has already touched a mammoth 1.55 billion mark and it refuses to slow down. In terms of shares and publishing, this social platform is miles ahead than the rest with a lead that won’t be easy to bridge any time soon in near future.
Given such a massive user-base, Facebook helps proliferate brand messaging at an amazing rate spreading ideas and breaking geographical boundaries with breath-taking ease. As it’s its wont, it continues to make changes to all its aspects to make it better for users and publishers alike.

Let’s look at some recent changes brought about by Facebook for publishers:

Share content from the website
Facebook has recently introduced ‘Instant Articles’ feature to all where gives publishers an opportunity to share content from their website. This is an option only available earlier to major publishers but now to one and all. So, publish instant articles and fulfill your marketing goals.

Improved embedded posts
Embedding Facebook posts on the website has been available to use for long but more improvement is now being done to it. From now on, publishers will have a far superior control over the size and look of the post and the post will load two-time quicker than earlier. What’s more, the post will now do automatic adjustments for mobile!

Love video embedding
It seems as if Facebook is committed to turn publishing an utterly satisfying experience. As if embedding posts were not enough, it has gone ahead and brought the facility of video embedding as well. Now live videos can be embedded to your website in precisely the same way as you do posts.

Embedding of comments
Facebook understand how much comments means to marketers and users alike. Comments on posts can really make or break things. So why not a single comment on a post be embed on the website? Will that be possible? It was not earlier but now it’s. Embedding a single FB comment on your website has become easy.

Facebook Save Button on your website
A save button on Facebook helps you keep a post for later view. This way, you have a lot of convenience of reading a post as and when you get the time. Why not take the same feature to you website? Sounds great, and this is what Facebook has made possible. So, just cheer up, and don’t forget to have Facebook SDK.

Quote sharing plugin
Quote sharing plugin is now available. It can be activated on publisher websites. Doing the same gives readers a chance to emphasize or highlight their favorite quotes. They can click to share the quote and the link back to Facebook in an immediate manner.

Mobile to Facebook sharing turns easier
It was not a good experience sharing posts from mobile to Facebook. The process looked clunky at best. A click to the share button would open a new tab, not any more. This update makes sure that the dialog opens in an iframe. To do so, you’ll need a single line to the code.

Proper sharing of posts
At times it turns quite problematic sharing posts on Facebook in a proper manner. We often fail to get the reason behind that. This is where using the Sharing Debugger will help. It conveys clearly what errors and problems are there and what need fixing.

Comment moderation turns better
Yes, comment moderation has turned a lot better than it earlier was. With more power added recently, moderation of posts has turns a lot improved than it earlier was. It has brought in features to counter spam, a function to close comments after a specific date and word-based blacklisting option.

In a nutshell, being a published has turned a lot easier with Facebook than it used to be. Go and read all those recent changes done by the company and start benefiting from new dimension in publishing.

5 Reasons to Choose Xamarin App Development For Diverse Mobile Platforms

It’s an impending task to choose one of the operating systems among the most prominent iOS and Android before moving onto application development. However, getting an application built separately for each platform would prove to be very costly.

In order to get the best of both worlds, cross-platform mobile application development like Xamarin is of major use.

Here are the five reasons to choose Xamarin app development for diverse mobile platforms.

1. Less Learning Curve

To become an effective mobile application developer is difficult and always involves a sizeable learning curve. One needs to be well versed with the overall process lifecycle, user interface norms, the different mobile platform SDK, and the like.

If one is already an experienced .NET/C# developer, one can start working with Xamarin right away. The platform provides a complete implementation of C# and .NET class libraries.

If one is not well versed with C#, the learning curve involved is still less. Each of the mobile platforms makes use of two separate programming environments, which are Java and Objective-C respectively.

Not many are good in both the environments, and majority of developers will have learnt at least one of them. Additionally, there are collections and core classes involved in both the platforms.

Using Xamarin app development, the developers need to be good in C#, and just a set of classes for creating apps on both platforms.

2. No Limits

Xamarin doesn’t try to force commonality on both platforms since the UI and SDK features are different from each other. It retains their distinct identity without any force.

Some cross-platform application development tools try to add more spice to the existing environment and make the apps distinctly different from the others, thus alienating the user. Xamarin app development on the other hand, embraces the uniqueness of each platform.

Xamarin includes .NET classes specific to both platforms, which expose their unique features. The combination of core.NET classes with platform-specific classes allows apps to share logic across both platforms.

3. Faster Time-To-Market

Xamarin allows developers to code application logic once and then share it on both app stores. If apps are built on native environments, logic needs to be implemented twice, once in Java and then in Objective-C.

More code needs to be written and hence the time-to-market is not fast enough. With Xamarin, developers can focus efforts on building app features. Xamarin reduces development time, but does not cut development time in half. Code needs to be written for both platforms, but ultimately, time required would be comparatively reduced using Xamarin app development.

4. Fewer Bugs

Xamarin allows developers to code once, thus resulting in fewer bugs. Also, bugs can be traced easily and corrected quickly. The framework also provides greater test coverage.

One can write a single set of tests that validate the code for both iOS and Android platforms. The team becomes artificially divided by each of them checking the app on a single platform at a time.

5. Readiness For The Future

With the power of the Microsoft family behind it, Windows Phone has real chances of making it big in the smartphone race with Xamarin app development. The apps for iOS/Android will have a real chance to be ready to support Windows Phone with the shared logic.

An app can be created without much investment in Windows Phone development. This would mean that Xamarin would be able to support three smartphone platforms soon. This is a toolset that allows developers to develop apps which supports multiple platforms with minimum hassle.


Author Bio:

This article has been shared by Ethan Millar working with Nex Mobile Apps as a technical writer especially for Mobile App Development process for iOS, Android, Xamarin and Windows. The main object to write this article is to share reasons to choose Xamarin App Development For Diverse Mobile Platforms.

Google Makes Ad Updates; Local Search Marketers to Get Affected

Last week, Google has made 2 ad updates which are set to affect local search marketers across the globe. The changes are made to local search results and Google Maps, which are set to impact all those location-based retailers and service providers.

With both the updates, ads will get displayed in a different manner in Google maps and they will now appear in Local Finder results. So, as per the first update, ads will now appear in Local Finder results.

Anyone can now see ads appearing in the local finder results. Now, more than one ad can get displayed and this addition means those (retailers and services providers) not featured in the local three-pack can reach to the top of the results if users click through to see more listings.

This means one more favourable organic listing spot has been spoiled with ads. The ads will rely on AdWords location extensions however advertisers (featured in Local Finder results) won’t get a pin on the map results.

As per the other update, Google Maps is no longer a Search Partner as this comes in the wake of Google’s announcing changes on how ads will display in maps.

From now own, Google has decided to show only ads including location extensions in Maps, as there will not be any place for regular text ads. Another significant move is that, Google maps is not a Search Partners anymore; advertisers have been informed in this regard and Maps are already taken off from the list of Google sites.

With this change in Maps’ status, advertisers will benefit a lot and may see an increase in clicks and impressions for their ads shown there, but only those advertisers using location extensions and not included in as Search Partners.

On the other hand, a dip in clicks and impressions will be seen and ads no longer be shown in maps for those advertisers missing location extensions but featuring into Search Partners.

With the decision of including Maps as part of Google search inventory, now more advertises can be included in Maps ad auctions. More so, of late Google has started giving more focus on structured data and feeds and in this wake, the focus on location extensions be seen.

Any official statement is awaited on this subject from Google and as of now, only a spokesperson has offered some peek into the changes but nothing beyond that is available.