4 Tried and Tested Tips for Sketch Software to Enhance Your Skills

Sketch Software

Are you a designer who is trying hard to enhance the skill so that you can not only impress your potential clients but also satisfies your creative thirst too? If yes, then surely, sketch software must be your favorite tool to design. If you have been using the software for quite some time, you already know that it is the most functional tool that is perfect to give your imagination wings to fly higher. But at the same time, the Sketch offers an amazing organizational facility that makes your work easier and smoother.

If you are not familiar with the features that can help you organize your work flawlessly while making sure you come up with the best designs, then you are at the right place. Here, we have put together a very important study on the features that many ignore to use but it can be beneficial for you as an user. Have a look.

Naming Conventions

When you are working independently with Sketch software, it is not at all a problem. But when you are working with a team of developers who are not very familiar with how to use sketch software, it becomes really challenging. One of such challenges is naming convention. The objects exported in the folder are generally given the layer name. Now, you have to make sure that your naming conventions make sense to the developer as well. Inserting prefixes “_ic” for icons and “_img” for images can make things easier for you as well as the developers. This will make the process of exporting more organized and smoother. Make sure you are having a discussion with the developers prior the exporting.

Converting Outline First

Manipulating and resizing the logotypes become easier with Sketch tool. But to make it work, the first thing that you need to do is converting the outlines. If you do it, Sketch stops treating the logo as a string of texts and treats it as a group of the vector. This helps you tweak a few lettering, adjusting space and resizing without losing the proportion of the design itself.

Using Text Style

The biggest advantage of Sketch software is that it helps you create text styles. You can apply the text to any layer of art board and any page. If you are creating a website UI, Web App Interface or Mobile UI, then the tool will let you create an amazing signature style for that website.

Creating Symbols for Repeating Patterns

Sketch Software offers you the freedom of turning any button, box, or entire UI frame in a symbol. All you have to do is modify your elements, for example, navigation. If you apply it at one place, it will be applied automatically all over the artboard. This is how the Sketch software offers you the utmost functionality.

So, now as you know about the four tips, what are you waiting for? Implement them when you are using the tool and excel in your design while ensuring the superb organized pattern of your work.

Author Bio: Jordon Smith is a famous blogger. Here, he writes on how to use sketch software in a more organized way.

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