SendPulse Review

UniSender, MailChimp, GetResponse, Mailigen are popular email-marketing services today. All of them offer a great many of appealing opportunities and promise high conversion rates. Still, there is one service that really stands out from the rest and this is SendPulse. SendPulse is an integrated messaging platform for sending web push notifications, bulk emails and bulk …

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How to optimize your Mobile Web App

Mobile Web App

When it comes to optimizing your mobile presence, where do you begin? With the steady rise of mobile search, SEO managers these days need to consider how to optimize both their Application and Mobile Web App for mobile search visibility. The now more mature mobile web and app optimization tools make this analysis possible, and …

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SEO Metrics: What is Beyond Rank Tracking?

rank tracking

The over highlighted metrics to measure the success of any SEO operation is the keyword ranking. Over highlighted it is because, there is an obsession to track the ranking and leave the other important aspects and factors unattended. What are the challenges attached to it? The first thing any SEO services in Chandigarh would do …

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PPC For Beginners


What PPC is PPC stands for pay-per-click and is a form of online advertisement. The name is very self-explanatory, as the advertiser pays for every time someone clicks on the ad. PPC is often used in the environment of a search engine, where some of the search results are advertisements. When someone enters a search …

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Learn Facebook Tutorial


Introduction Ever since it became active in 2004, Facebook has grown greatly from being a small project to a global social networking website. Everyone who is anyone is on it. There’s no stop on what you can do with Facebook and that is what is concerning parents these days. To help ease their worries, spying …

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