How to Enjoy up to 10 Times Faster Internet-Speed on Your Phone?


There is no denying the fact that Wi-Fi provides much higher network bandwidth than the cellular data supported by the smartphones and hence much faster sharing of data and files along with quicker installing of app downloads and internet browsing. The best part about using Wi-Fi connection is its cost-saving attribute as you won’t get anything added toward your monthly data plan for using it.

The video titled “Why Choose O2 Wi-Fi” uploaded by O2 Contact Number delineates the benefits of using O2 Wi-Fi connection and how it can help you save some good amount of money all-the-while using the best internet connectivity on your smartphone. You can easily connect to over 7000 hotspot of O2 Wi-Fi automatically, without even registering for the service.

For manual connection, visit one of O2’s hotspots and look for O2 Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi settings of your phone and you can experience the super-high internet speed. It’s almost 10 times faster than an average mobile data connection. Please feel free to call on O2 Contact Number to know more about its features and how to access super-high internet speed on your phone.

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