How to optimize your Mobile Web App

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When it comes to optimizing your mobile presence, where do you begin?

With the steady rise of mobile search, SEO managers these days need to consider how to optimize both their Application and Mobile Web App for mobile search visibility.

The now more mature mobile web and app optimization tools make this analysis possible, and straightforward, too. For example, some of the tools that I use, are as follows:

  • For cross-web-app mobile competitive analysis: SimilarWeb.
  • For mobile app analysis: Mobile Action, SearchMan, SensorTower and AppTweak.
  • For mobile web search analysis: SEMrush, SISTRIX,, SEOmonitor and URL Profiler.

It is advisable to keep some best practices in mind while developing your mobile presence.

Here I am going to tell you 9 best factors which ensure you that your mobile site is good as it can be.

About Mobile Users-

Before I will tell you the most 9 best practices, the first thing which you have to keep in mind is-the person who is viewing your site is Mobile.

May be it seems like a brainer, but many people forget this simple truth.

When someone is mobile, then they want to feel completely different experience from the one, which they are getting on standard website.

For example, a mobile visitor is only looking for few key pieces of important information like directions to your office, a click to call phone number, map to your store locations. The things which they are not looking for are lengthy staff biography, information about your corporate philosophy or PDFs of your latest presses releases.

Keep these things in mind, now let’s see the 9 best practices for the mobile website design which helps you to create a site that puts your best foot forward.

Simplify. Then Simplify Again. And Again

The first step to include while creating a mobile site is to determine which content you will include. Giving proper amount of screen space, and it is important to figure out what key pieces of information your visitors will be looking for.

It is advisable to remember the number of steps involved in going from the starting point to the purchase as simple as possible. Providing the functionality of scanning QR codes will also save us from various steps.

Plan Your Site Layout

We page of mobile will load slower than the traditional web pages, so it is advisable to keep the number of web pages to a minimum. The users won’t have the patience to click on several pages deep on the site. That`s y it`s important to keep the site layout as simple as possible.

I would recommend people to think like Steve Jobs. As we all know jobs is famous for creating user experience which are intuitive and streamlined. So put your Steve Jobs hat to remind several things as streamlined as possible. By doing this, the visitors will have a great experience when they are on mobile.

Domino`s is already wearing their Steve Jobs hat when they had developed their mobile site (and their brilliantly designed app). Instead of choosing a confusing site, they completely simplified their site and limited it to items which people search the most.

Match the Branding Elements from Your Standard Site to Your Mobile Site

Your mobile website should be more streamlined than your standard site, you have to incorporate the same branding elements on the both sites.

It is important for two reasons. 1). A mobile site is a brand touch point and like any other property, it reflects and promote your brand essence. The users who are already familiar with your company, will found a similar design which makes them they are visiting an old website. So always choose different and unique designs.

2). The 60 second Marketer site uses the same bright color palette and iconography for both the standards and the mobile websites. The result is that the users who is familiar with the standard site will have a similar experience on the mobile site.

Utilize White Space

While creating any website, this is a natural tendency to provide more information as possible. The white space not only give a clear space but also the more sophisticated appearance, which ensures that user can quickly click the button on what they are aiming for.

Avoid Flash or Java

The main reason to avoid flash is that Apple doesn’t use Flash products. And have clearly declared that they have no intention of using Flash in future. Only because iPhone is made up on 30% of the smartphone market, a significant portion of the audience won`t be able to use flash. Similarly, many phone doesn’t support JAVA like Windows or if they do it will take a huge drag on their load time.

Reduce the Amount of Text Entry Necessary

Try to reduce the quantity of text entry, it’s better to use dropdown menus, checklists, and pre-populated fields. This helps to minimize the challenge which people face while typing into a smartphone.

Take the example of FedEx mobile site. A lot of information we have to provide there to accomplish the user`s goal, the use of dropdowns and checklists will cut down the amount to text a user must enter.

Do Not Use Pop-Up Windows

While navigating between multiple tabs and browser windows, it is advisable not to use pop-up windows because it slow down the speed. If you need to open a new browser window, send an alert to user so that they know how to navigate back to the original page.

Use Mobile Redirects

When your mobile design got ready try to push your user towards the mobile optimized version of the site. Once you redirect are in place, any mobile user who wants to open your web address or clicks in a link on a search engine will be sent to the mobile-optimized version of site.

Allow People to Visit the Full Site

You have worked so hard on your mobile site. So definitely you want that people will see and praise it. But what happen if somebody demands for an information which doesn’t display in your mobile website, and you had done the great job in collecting the content.

For this, just provide link on multiple pages which allows the user to return to the full version of the site. You can see this feature on multiple website. Like Times of India, New York, Digits etc.


Though mobile sites are the new landscape for most of the marketers, designing and building them, it is sought of a challenge to them. With the help of mobile sites one can bring brilliant ideas to showcase their brands and creativity. As long as you keep the users need on top, and stay positive for your brand and follow these simple rules, then surely you will get a great response from the users.

About The Author: Ashish Sharma is a Key Account Manager, looking after Marketing Strategies and building new business tie ups at WeDigTech – Mobile App Development service provider. Focused on helping enterprises StartUps from domestic to MNCs.

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