Is Your SEO Company Following Ethical SEO Practices of 2017?

Ethical SEO Practices

Any aspiring or successful business wants to be highly ranked on search engines. With the ever increasing number of businesses, companies often succumb to unethical SEO practices to get quick results.

Black hat SEO practices or unethical techniques refer to spamming techniques and manipulative methods which help cheat the way through rankings. Top SEO companies always avoid such practices. A few of such techniques are mentioned below that must be avoided:

Duplicate content :

Hidden links – Coloring the link the same color as the background

Hidden text – Coloring the text the same color as the background or using a zero font size

False doorway pages – Directing users to other websites that contain relevant data rather than a bunch of links

There are many other techniques that are used. It is the responsibility of an SEO company to ensure that they’re following white hat or ethical practices. If you count yourself into the category of top SEO companies, here are a few guidelines to be followed:

1) Create unique content
This is the best strategy to adopt if you are looking at long term advantages. Creating unique content which will help your readers is the best technique to go with. The information should be relevant. The content you are providing your readers’ with should be informative as well as plagiarism-free.

2) Make most use of inbound links – Just because you find an opportunity that can be exploited doesn’t mean that you should take advantage of it. Writers often insert links on behalf of their employers which helps them increase their ranking. Rather than engaging in exploitation of loopholes you can make use of inbound links. Inbound links are links within a website which can be easily advertised through social media.

3) Keyword Research – You must pay the adequate amount of attention when it comes to keywords. Which keywords do you want associated with your content and company? If you use sufficient keywords in set quantity you will increase the credibility as well as reliability of your website.

4) Make the most of best SEO practices – There are many techniques that fall into the ethical category which can work wonders for your ranking. Your content must be unique, but also the website you are publishing it on must make use of SEO; if it doesn’t your efforts will be futile. Focus on the following-

Keywords – Use sufficient amount of keywords that you want to associate with the content of your company.

URL – A URL which is readable and easy can work wonders. Avoid using unnecessary symbols.
File name – Try including your keyword in the file name. Make sure that it doesn’t seem forcibly inserted and appears natural.

Links – The links you use should have relevant information.

Title – Use appropriate tags/title for your content.

Page title – It is the first thing that is noticed by any reader. Try to use your most targeted keyword in the title.

5) Social Media – Social media is one of the strongest tools you can make the most of in today’s date. People are often active on social media and these platforms can help drive traffic towards your website. Stay active on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ et al to improve your website’s ranking.

6) Pay attention to blogging – Keep on updating your website with blogs and articles. Add blogs to engage your readers. You can keep on giving new information about your company and what all it is doing. WordPress is highly recommended for blogging.

You must remember that in the long run only ethical means survive. So focus on ethical means and ensure you follow them!

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