SendPulse Review

UniSender, MailChimp, GetResponse, Mailigen are popular email-marketing services today. All of them offer a great many of appealing opportunities and promise high conversion rates. Still, there is one service that really stands out from the rest and this is SendPulse.

SendPulse is an integrated messaging platform for sending web push notifications, bulk emails and bulk SMS. These three communication channels can be used together, and it means that there is a high probability for your emails to be delivered to your customers. Thus, it results in better engagement.

But, what really makes SendPulse stand out from the rest of email services?

SendPulse is light years away from the above-mentioned companies since it has introduced the great innovation – Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Professional marketers know how much efforts and creativity it takes to increase email open rates. As a rule, email open rate strategy includes sending individual content to every database segment, creating interesting and informative subject line, regular A/B testing and other tactics that work perfectly if together.

SendPulse implemented the technology of Artificial Intelligence, which gives an opportunity to increase email open rate by 70%. With the help of this innovation, several options become available: you can predict your users’ behavior, gather a lot of information about the addresses and geolocation, track the history of purchases and the most important thing – send emails at the right time.

How does the time of email sending influence open rate?

Every marketer is aware of the fact, that there are the best possible days and time for email sending, during which the highest indicators of open rate are noted. According to the researches made by western companies, the peak of readers’ activity in their inboxes falls on Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday have good indicators of email open rate as well. Besides, the best email sending time is 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6 a.m. This is quite logical since some people check their inboxes early in the morning while lying in their beds or before sleep, other people read emails when coming to work or during the break. Certainly, this data is valuable, but it’s not an easy task to put it into practice. The possibilities of AI of SendPulse allow not only to choose time with the best open rate but to deliver an email when a receiver usually checks the inbox, that can’t be done manually.

AI Principles of Functioning

AI technology developed by SendPulse, analyzes the users’ behavior. Based on the statistics of previously sent mailings, the usual time for the user to check inbox is determined, and the email is sent just then.

Due to the artificial intelligence of SendPulse, you can also resend unread messages with a change of the subject line and with an “intelligent” choice of the communication channel (email or web push).

How does the email sending at right time work?

It is possible to find out when a particular subscriber has a habit of checking mail if he was already sent out mailings through the service. For effective functioning of the artificial intelligence technology by SendPulse, it is necessary that the service has statistics of at least 10 mailings for a specific recipient. Then the system will be able to single out when the recipient usually checks the inbox and send him an email at that time.

To send the emails using artificial intelligence technology, you just need to select the option “Send at the best time for each subscriber.” In this case, the emails will be sent gradually during the day.


This “intelligent” mailing will get the advantage: it will be at the top of the inbox when the user opens it, the probability of reading will be much higher.

Resending unread emails

SendPulse has the function of automated sending of unread messages with a change of the subject line. Subscribers who did not open the newsletter for the first time will be able to retrieve it again and due to the changed subject line, the email in the inbox will look like a new one. Let’s look at the concrete example. Meest America, Inc., which specializes in delivering goods from the United States, with the help of resending unread emails increased its open rate by + 57% and CTR by + 60%. As in the first, and in the resent email, the message itself was the same. Check it out below:


The main email was sent with the subject line”Shopping Assistance”, and the subject line for the resent one was slightly changed to “Shopping Assistance IS BACK” so that it does not look like the same email to the users. You can see the result below in the mailing list statistics: open rate + 57%, CTR + 60%.


Resending unread emails in SendPulse also has the option of automated selecting a communication channel using AI.

Users who are subscribed to both your email and web push notifications will receive either web push or an email, depending on the fact, which of these channels the system finds optimal.

So, SendPulse provides unique functionality that increases email and message Open Rates. It is a progressive company that invests in development of advanced functionality that allows the customer to achieve better results than with any competitor’s service.

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