SEO Metrics: What is Beyond Rank Tracking?

rank tracking

The over highlighted metrics to measure the success of any SEO operation is the keyword ranking. Over highlighted it is because, there is an obsession to track the ranking and leave the other important aspects and factors unattended.

What are the challenges attached to it?

The first thing any SEO services in Chandigarh would do is to put your company in the top position in the Google Search Engine. But too much emphasis on this metric is not good and holding it responsible for the success of your website is a very risky thing as there is no consistency in the search results.

There are many things taken into consideration, before a keyword is ranked. The most vital of them are mentioned below:

• The location from where the search is done:

The result depends on the location from where you search. It affects the local search as well as the organic ranking of your website.

• The result of intelligent search:

The search engines learn the search preferences and deliver result based on this intelligence. The search engines keep refining the searches to make them more relevant.

• The war between the long tail keywords and the competitive keywords:

Most of the time the competitive keywords get better ranking, but that should not hold one from focusing on the long tail keywords which makes for the majority of searches.

The other challenges are:

• Change in the design:

If you are redesigning your website, it will reduce the ranking of the website,regardless of all the good features you must have added to it. To avoid this the new design should be optimized even before its launch.

• Loss of quality backlinks:

It sometimes happens that the pages to which the website was linked have become extinct or might be your website is removed from that link. To fix this a high quality and engaging content can attract th required traffic

• Slow loading speed:

The website is too slow. All you need is to provide a good experience for your users who always look for a faster page loading speed.

What should be done to overcome the obsession with keyword rankings?

The solution to this is very simple. Focus on things which matters the most. Always focus on attracting traffic, which can be easily converted into a sale or a successful business dealing.

Now to do this, you have to do some brainstorming and come up with words which can drive more relevant traffic to your website. As and when there would be an increase in the users, there will be an increase in the analytics clearly.There are many such tools, which can show from where the traffic is coming and what is your site’s performance in the search.

Opt for Keyword Indexes:

Instead of laying stress on the keyword ranking as a perfect indicator of the success of a website, the usage of Keyword Rank Indexes is a better option. This helps in finding out the key trends.

This can be done, by taking into account, the rank of a query class. A query class is an accumulation of all the keywords of the same product or service or idea which ultimately forms a comprehensible assembly or group.

So he basic idea is that while framing the SEO planning for your website, you should not divert all your energy and focus to the keyword ranking alone. Other factors which are important contributors to the ranking of the website should also be given equal importance.

The users should be satisfied with the products or services on your website by improving the quality provided to them.Happy customers will write good reviews and also recommend your website to their social circle.

There are many more factors which are behind the ranking and if the focus is only on ranks, the other areas will start getting affected badly. And this is not good for the business as a whole.

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