These 5 Reasons Why People Choose WordPress over Any Other CMS

Although there are many open source Content Management System to develop a website, there is only one big name used by more than 75 million websites all over the World Wide Web. That name is none other than WordPress.

WordPress is an open source CMS, which is free to download, install, deploy, upgrade and work on. Although you can power and enhance the performance of your website by using thousands of plugins, they are sometimes premium, but gradually reduces the cost and deployment time on this CMS. We have studied and researched different CMS platforms and concluded that WordPress is the first choice for anyone. Following are five reasons that we have noticed, and are also backed by millions of its users.

1. Popularity:

Well, to be honest, WordPress is the most popular and largest content management system in the world. It has also the biggest CMS market share. WordPress books for more than a quarter of all the sites in the world. It is also a user-friendly host, enabling its clients fewer training sessions which is cost effective. It also requires less operational staff to run it.

WordPress didn’t just launched itself and became the biggest name in CMS market. It worked its popularity amongst other platforms and made itself extremely user-friendly. This enabled people to launch their own platforms with little training in development. One of the key reason for its popularity is enhanced performance with the help of plugins. You can get a perfect display on any browser, output device or mobile phone screen, making it easily responsive.

2. Room for growth and development:

As a self-hosted CMS platform, there is no cost involved in its installation and downloading. You can also get a free standard upgrade with basic features. If you want enhanced performance and rapid results in your work, you can download more than fifty thousand free and premium plugins such as SEO optimization, grammar correction, forms, slideshows, data managers, and more. In order to download these plugins, you can easily watch simple tutorials, or take help from video manuals with no hidden additional costs. WordPress is an open source platform, which makes it ideal to work for any development you want to perform on it. You can also develop any personal app to integrate it with this CMS. With social media platforms, you can also synchronize them with your content, posts, and pages.

3. High Flexibility with great customization:

By employing a flexible framework, WordPress is meeting demands of its users and generating more popularity. It allows designers to design more layouts, templates and other features to work on. It also allows developers to modify layouts, create frontend, or backend applications. When adding I with user-generated extensions, the websites developed on this CMS is no longer partial to any enterprise leeway or allowance. Anyone can extend their functional operations on WordPress along with integrating an extensive choice of plugins, in order to address unique demands.

4. Low maintenance and setup cost:

In comparison to any other CMS open source media, WordPress sustains few downloads and install setups. It can also be easily maintained on small cost caps with a very little customization. With such attractive features, anyone can easily work on their websites. But still, if you want a developer’s taste in your website, there are thousands of developers and designers ready for your service.

With WordPress, you will never be stranded by any motionless website or patent CMS that is more expensive after initial development costs. Apart from that, it is always appreciable to keep your options open and clear for further growth and development.

5. Designed for everyone:

WordPress is designed not just for developers or designers, a person with no design or development background can also easily develop and maintain his or her web easily. But before it became the first choice content management system for any website development, small-scale companies and entrepreneurs have to pay other CMS platforms for their development, expansion, and maintenance. The core reason for WordPress is to help non-tech knowledge customers. So for this reason, they have kept most of the user-interface components easy to use. For people who need some guidance to work on any CMS platform, WordPress has maintained manuals to teach all the functionalities and processes. You can easily upload content, change the design layout, create pages, link pages, customize widgets, and post images and stuff with no trouble.

WordPress was initially developed for the sole purpose of blogging. But when it realized the growth and need in web development and content management, it expanded with the customer requirements.

Some other features of WordPress include:

  • Continuously improved and maintained
  • Best for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • 1000s of pre-designed themes best for any sort of development
  • Futuristic
  • Support available globally
  • Affordable plugins and development
  • Efficient development
  • Ideal for e-commerce business
    • Unlimited customization

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