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Web designing is a highly-specialized job that requires in-depth knowledge of programs like HTML, CSS, Python and others to build websites for the clients that are not only sleek looking but also has elements of SEO in them to get better search engine ranking on the Internet. This field is pretty dynamic and the technology and methodology keep on changing frequently. So, if you are interested in entering this sector, make sure that you have the temperament to adapt to this continuous change only then you can thrive in it.

If you want to chart your future path as an expert doing web design, make sure that you are fully aware of the latest trends that are sweeping the web design industry. This will allow you to make your work trendier and give your client more confidence in your work. We have listed here a few new trends that are being followed by experts in web designing so that you get a cue as what to follow to make your own work more appropriate to the new changing times.

Big background images to attract the attention of the viewer: This is one of the styles that are trending in recent times. In this type of design, real photos are used to drive home a point that the website is trying to give out to its viewers. In such a layout, you will find some message written in bold fonts pasted across the width of the screen so that the focus of the viewer can be channelized towards it.

A running video in the background trend: This style is similar to the above trend, the only difference being that instead of a prominent real life picture, web designers use a running video in the background to highlight the focus area of the website. This is a more effective form of design if you wish to convey emotions and the dynamic nature of the message that the website is trying to give.

Using personal branding to sell your company: If you are interested in own personal branding to promote your company then you can use this type of website design style to make a mark in the market. In personal branding, the reputation of a person is highlighted on the homepage of the website so that you can project a positive image of yourself to the viewers.

The importance of chats, bots and messaging in making the website more interactive: The amazing success of the social media format is encouraging companies to encourage such interactive web design for their company too. In this type of design, you will get a more conversational interface to build a personal rapport with the viewer so that he is encouraged to visit again.

Using animation to improve the overall mood of the web page: Using animations or GIF to make the website look more interesting was a trend that started much earlier but has in the recent years has grown in sophistication thanks to the use of powerful tools like Photoshop and Giphy.

The charm of minimalistic design: Experts have been using the minimalistic theme for web designing for several years, but recently it has undergone a change, instead of presenting you with a page the new single layout, this new format shows you the contents of the websites through different cards. These cards are actually multiple access points on the website that suggests a topic and attract the viewer to click on it to enter that segment of the website.

All these design layouts are only a small sample of the big changes that is happening in the web designing field.

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