Why You Need to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business


For a lot of businesses, social media is still something that has yet to been used efficiently and to its advantages. In this day and age social media is a huge aspect in people’s lives, and it seems that a lot of businesses are failing to realise that if they can promote their business correctly through social media – it can be imperative to sustaining a competitive advantage in their sector. The reason for this is that because of the numerous websites available with millions of people on, a business can easily get their product/service across to them in a way that is convenient for both parties.

Use the Platforms Which Are Best for Your Business

In the same way every business is different, each social media site is different too – and this means that certain sites work better for certain businesses. For example, a clothing business may find Instagram useful as it is a site predominately known for its pictures and this acts and ideal platform for that type of business to showcase their products. On the other end of the spectrum, a different type of business you may look at is the type which offers a different type of service such as a clothing manufacturer. As this would be a business that probably sells wholesale, it is unlikely that customers would want to see lots of images of what is happening with the clothes being produced. Therefore, this type of business may want to use a platform such as Facebook to put out content about how the business is running or any notable events that have taken place.

Acquire New Customers

There are literally hundreds of millions of people who use social media, which means that there is a huge number of potential owners that business owners can get their products and services across to. However, it is important that the business owner, or social media manager, is careful in the way they do this. This is because when a person goes on social media, they do not respond well to a ‘hard sell’ and it could have actually have a detrimental effect on the business. Therefore, the business would want to come across in more of a conversational tone as it makes them seem more friendly, and the consumers on social media would be more likely to respond to the business – and it could ultimately lead to a sale.

Listen to What Your Customers Are Saying

One of the greatest aspects of social media is the two-way communication available between a business and its customers. However, a lot of businesses can get stuck with posting content that has been pre-scheduled and this means they are essentially blocking out what their customers may be saying. For example, if it is during the summer, a furniture company may post about their latest outdoor furniture range to go along with the nice weather, which would seem logical – however, if they happen to do this on a day when it is raining then this will look extremely silly and can have a bad effect on the business.

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